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My suggestions :D Empty

My suggestions :D

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My suggestions :D Empty My suggestions :D

Post  Duckquacksloud on Fri Jun 11 2010, 02:51

Hey Mike ~

I guess it was time to suggest now though i spoke to Jamie already .

Firstly , create more bosses to fight with Very Happy
Like Tormented , Kalphite , Spirit , etc ~
A custom boss would be nice Very Happy !

Secondly , create a Fun Pk . Its like , you kill & die but never lose your items !
That's extremely fun . But , its just small area , not in the wilderness , would be too big .

Thirdly , ummm .. maybe some nice quests ?
& rewards are REALLY rewarding like an EXP LAMP .

Forthly , its not a minigame but try to increase the shops ? I mean , to my taste , its too littleeeeeee !
Really ! Maybe a ::shops command would be somewhere in a party room with full of shops of different items ?
I think that would be nice , seriously !

Lastly , mage bank would be cool Very Happy !

So , i hope you guys take my suggestions but after all , its JUST a suggestion .
Thanks ~

Yours in Fatal Legends ,


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My suggestions :D Empty Re: My suggestions :D

Post  babe magnet on Fri Jun 11 2010, 09:23

there's already a mage bank, and increasing the xp of training everything except for comnbat would be awesome because it takes forever to do everything. for example: i calculated how many toadflax seeds i need from 60 - 99 farming, and it says i need 1.7k; which means i have to kill 1.7k chaos druids too. is this a joke?? that would take as long as 99 farm on rs -.-

babe magnet

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My suggestions :D Empty Re: My suggestions :D

Post  Jamie on Fri Jun 11 2010, 15:13

Yes, I love the ideas.

I've already told Kenny to update the pking shops, and we're gonna have to make more shops too. Not just for pking, but for other things, just like stuff to start off skilling, and things for quests and some good items to make a character look good.

The EXP rates are very low, which makes skilling very difficult. I hate how this turns out, because it takes nearly a week to get 99 woodcutting if you don't no-life it. It's the same for farming, runecrafting, and slaying. I believe it was X John X who told me he had to slay 100 black dragons for a slayer task. That's just messed up and unfair. Who would stay on a server when they have a low slayer level and they need 100 black dragons for a task, and the dragons don't even give EXP? Certainly not any of us.

Castle Wars is one of the best ideas to take up some time so far, but you'd need a few more players to play. About five in each team, and there aren't many people playing yet. So, we're going to have to get going on our ideas and get quicker at plugging them into the server if we want to get players quickly.

Also, quests are one of the best time-consuming things you can do. They were my favorite past-time on RuneScape, they were exciting. So, if you guys would like custom quests that would be great. Post ideas of quests and what'll be in it, sort of like a movie-script form, and we can alter it and add it if it's legit.

We NEED to step up our game on the RuneLocus TopList, because our advertisements aren't very good at the moment. I've taken pictures for the server and I'm still awaiting Kenny's response so one of us can edit the page. I can tell all of us are willing to help this server grow and make it tons better, all we need to do is get full cooperation from EVERYONE. This includes Kenny and I, and maybe some outside help. I know you guys will help, so the owners need to too.

Keep it coming on the ideas guys!


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My suggestions :D Empty Re: My suggestions :D

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