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mod app

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mod app

Post  II KILL U II on Fri Jun 18 2010, 00:14

hello my name is nick (aka II KILL U II) and i have experiance with being a mod. as i said i youtube, i was an admin for a server but that server for some odd reason got shut down. i am on the computer everyday from when i wake up to pretty m uch when i go to bed. so you can count on me being on all the time to amke sure nobody's breaking any rules.. thank you, i hope you concider me Very Happy.


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Re: mod app

Post  Jamie on Fri Jun 18 2010, 13:43

Err, wait a second. So you join quick, and then post a moderator application? I checked your join date, it's June 18th, yet you post a moderator application on the day of your joining...? Please play before you post a moderator application, I want to see how you act before I choose you.

Also, the new forums are here:



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