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Babe Magnet for Mod

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Babe Magnet for Mod

Post  babe magnet on Mon Jun 07 2010, 18:42

about me: I'm 15 years old, and my name is Tiran Spierer

What do I have to offer for Fatal-legends?

  • Help new comers, and make them stay.

  • Give tours to new players; then they will get started off with the right foot

  • Get more people to play by making videos, and advertising Branscape in other servers.

  • Help people in trouble

Why I believe I should be a moderator?

  • I'm online most of my free time

  • keep the server clean with no rule breakers

  • Keep the players going on the right truck

  • Respect Players, and they will listen to me


  • If I were to become a mod on the server; i can swear that i will never abuse my powers.

  • I have been mod on three servers (branscape, evolotuin x, and pkscape). I was also a co owner on agsk0.
    well that shows that im an experienced person with a mod, and you can trust me being a mod.

babe magnet

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