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This is not a suggestion, but we need your help.

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This is not a suggestion, but we need your help.

Post  Mike on Thu Jun 10 2010, 16:42

Hello players of Fatal-Legends, this is the head admin Mike, and it has come to my attention that we need to come up with some new and better creations of either a minigame or a fun activity to do while on the server. Lately in my opinion, me and some other staff, even the regular players, are getting bored of the same old stuff and we want you to help give us some ideas or suggestions to improve the server and make it more fun for everyone. So far the only ideas that Jamie and I have thought about is Castle Wars, or we could create something like castle wars, but it would be a little different. Please if anyone has some sort of idea for now, leave any suggestions NOT BELOW, MAKE YOUR OWN TOPIC UNDER THE SUGGESTION SECTION DO NOT REPLY TO THIS.

I will delete this once we get the server fully together and then I will eventually make a sticky on how to correctly leave a suggestion.

Thanks again and have fun on Fatal-Legends.



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