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Post  x John x on Thu Jun 10 2010, 13:38

Ok first off i spend 90% of my time that im awake on my pc.

So with that said i think its safe to say I can put alot into the server and help it in all ways i can.
I love meating all the new people that join and I love to support and help them with all the time i got to spare.
But if i was to become a mod i can enforce any1 that brakes anyrules or inform them if they are braking any rule by accident and warn them for the future.(and yes i know i can warn them now but people take it alot better if it comes from staff)
I also know a good amount about this server and I'd love to help improve it and help bring it up make videos, a youtube channel, I'm probly gonna donate soon, and i would help in any other ways I'm asked or needed.
I have a little experience being staff on very small old servers and co-owner for 1 but I want to make it count now and help make this 1 grow.
Plus I already know most staff or have added you and would be great to be given the chance to join you all on the fatal-legends staff and get to know you all that much better.
Cool x John x Cool

x John x

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x John x for mod Empty Good Luck!

Post  CodyV20 on Mon Jun 14 2010, 14:01

Another awesome application, everyone has been posting great applications but one thing I noticed about yours was it stands out because of the colours. xD
I've noticed in the time you have played the server:

- That you help new players even when you were "new" which you don't see often.
- You obey the rules and have helped me out with a few things.
- Your online very often, unlike some of our players.
- You plan on making Youtube video's which will help. Wink
- You plan on donating which will help the server out for sure! Thanks. Smile
Kenny and Jamie may want to wait before making any final choices, because people can trick you with their words but as far as what i've seen from you deserve it! Keep it up!
Good Luck, I could deffinitly see you become part of staff sooner or later!

PS: I tried the colours thing Very Happy haha

Account Name:CodyV20
Youtube Channel: AlexCodyProductions
MSN: codyv20@hotmail.com
Email Me if You have any questions about the server, or just ask me on the server!


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